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Geosintex_LogoGEOSINTEX S.R.L.
Geosintex started operating in the field of geosynthetics in 1989 and it is the exclusive importer for Italy and some countries of Eastern Europe and Middle East of all geosynthetic materials of Teletextiles and Intermas.

novintiss_logoNovintiss sarl
Our distributor for France specialized in civil engineering, agriculture, customized solution for landscaping, vertical gardens.

daku_logoDaku Italia srl
patented roof garden system

UNI_LogoUNI – Italian Organization for Standardization
It is a private association founded in 1921 appointed by the italian government and the European Union to develop, approve and publish technical standards in all economic sectors (industry, trade and services) except for the electric and electrotechnical ones.

IGS_LogoIGS – International Geosynthetics Society
The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) was founded in Paris, on 10 November 1983, by a group of geotechnical engineers and textile specialists.

Italian association of nonwoven geotextiles producers