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Woodchips covering

The wood chips is reduced into flakes with sizes varying from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. It is produced from the trunks and branches through the chipper machine. It can be used as fuel or raw material for natural or industrial processes. Moreover, the wood chips can be used for the power generation in biomass power stations, for providing heat or in combined form in cogeneration plants.

For maturation and storage of fresh wood chips, can be set up heaps both inside sheds both outside. Outside piles can be covered by Flortex 55/300. It is a breathable fabric polypropylene UV-resistant, able to breathe the moisture produced by the chip underneath. Its laying with slope of 45 ° prevents from water penetrating inside the pile, where the fermented biomass temperature rises up to 70/80 ° C creating steam that rises towards the top. Thanks to its characteristiscs, Flortex 300/500 let the vapor comes out, preventing the formation of molds.
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