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Flortex® 55/500


FLORTEX® 55/500 is a green polypropylene nonwoven of 500 g/m2, UV rays treated, breathable and specifically designed for protection of “oxygen barrier” film above the silage.

Main functions

durevole e riutilizzabile flortex 55-500

long lasting and reusable

meno fatica flortex 55-500

less fatigue

pedonabile flortex 55-500


resistente ai raggi UV flortex 55-500

UV rays resistance

protegge dai volatili flortex 55-500

birds protection

resistente ai venti flortex 55-500

wind resistance

riciclabile flortex 55-500


resistente allo strappo flortex 55-300

tear resistance


  • Hydrofobic: it does not absorb water; which goes out thanks to gravity and capillarity effect
  • Synthetic and non-toxic
  • Walkable and safe (anti-slip material)
  • High resistance to tears and perforations
  • UV treated and recyclable
  • Long lasting life: at least 5 full seasons of on-site service, depending on latitude
  • Modular: thanks to hook and loop tape it is possible to cover big areas
  • Lower costs for polyethilene waste disposal: up to 80% in just 5 years
  • Cleanliness and tidiness of the work place
  • Folded and rolled up for easier delivery and installation
  • Wind resistance: with its rough surface it perfectly adheres to straw and hay but let through air and wind
  • Reparable: with patches of the same product glued with silicone
  • High resistance to strains and animals, birds (ravens, crows, foxes, dogs etc.) and hailstorm
  • Ballast elimination (tires, soil, sand, gravel, etc.)
  • Easy to use, less work and effort
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Green coloured: for an environmental friendly look


nastro a strap

Hook and loop tape

silobag edilfloor


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