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Geosynthetics applications

Edilfloor Geosynthetics are used in many applications: roads, railways, airports, foundations, retaining wall structures, landfills, tunnels, hydraulic engineering, mining, oil & gas and solutions for dewatering.

geosintetici per protezione costiera

Coastal protection

Geosintetici per dewatering


Hydraulic engineering

Geosintetici per discariche per rifiuti solidi e liquidi_

Landfill for solid and liquid waste


Geosintetici per Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Geosintetici per strade e ferrovie_

Roads, railways and heavy traffic areas

Geosintetici per tetti


Geosintetici per costruzioni di terra e fondazioni_

Soil reinforced structures

Geosintetici per gallerie e strutture in sotterraneo

Tunnel and underground works