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Hydraulic engineering

Geosynthetics are used in different hydraulic engineering applications and help the conservation of engineering works together with effective defense from erosion.

The most frequent problems in hydraulics works are: coastal erosion, scour erosion at docks or quay and ballasting pipelines.

The problem of coastal erosion, platforms or river banks can be solved or reduced by the use of special products such as Filter Unit, SintexMattress, SintexMattress Grid, SintexTube, SintexBag and SintexMat.

These products can be applied in many applications: from typical hydraulic engineering works (bank protections, breakwaters, coastal nourishments, rip-rap, land reclamation) up to the mining and Oil&Gas fields.

Edilfloor can provide design and construction site assistance to ensure proper installations and customized products to the needs of the project.