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Soil reinforced structures

The need to limit the road embankment dimensions along with the need to re-use onsite soils with geotechnical characteristics do not conforming to design, has encouraged the development of reinforced structures with geosynthetics materials with high elastic modulus such as geogrids and woven geotextiles.
These materials give tensile strength to the geotechnical system, as soil is only able to withstand compressive and shear forces.
Geosynthetics typically used for reinforcement (Edilgrid W, Geodren W-PP, Geodren W-PES) allow the use of soils with low geotechnical characteristics, keeping the mechanical properties specified on the design.
Since retaining walls have structural and aesthetic requirements is desirable to have green faces for structures till 70°-75° slope.
Usually slopes are protected from erosion using biomats or geomats (JuteNet, StrawMat, SintexMat).
Retaining wall structure is preferable to concrete walls in high seismic areas because its “flexible structure”.
In case you should control water flow on the backfill of structures it is desirable to use a drainage geocomposite (SintexDrain, NewDrain).
Also in this case Edilfloor is able to provide adequate assistance both in design and installation steps.