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Tunnel and underground works

For construction of standard and cut-and-cover tunnels main requirements are: structure lining and stormwater or groundwater drainage.

Nonwoven geotextile and drainage geocomposite are the geosynthetics able to achieve the goal.

In tunnel, waterproofing membrane must be protected by high quality nonwoven geotextiles to prevent damages during installation steps and for the whole lifetime.

For this reason geotextile has to have high strength and durability properties in alkaline conditions (Geodren PPST, Geodren PPEXT).

Rainwater and groundwater can easily be drained by using specific geocomposites: SintexDrain for high operating pressures (up to 300 kPa), NewDrain for standard or low operating pressures (up to 100 kPa)

All Edilfloor products represent an efficient and cost effective solution.