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Main functions

EN ISO 10318 international standard defines 8 main functions for geosynthetics: separation, filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement, erosion control, barrier, stress relief.
All Edilfloor geosynthetics can fulfill to one or more functions among those listed below.

funzione separazione geosintetici edilfloor


Edilfloor geosynthetics may have, among their main functions, the one to separate two layers of soil having different particle sizes. Geodren nonwoven geotextiles are used to prevent the mixing of different materials which compose road embankment together with foundation soil, especially when this last one doesn’t have performing geotechnical characteristics. The separation function therefore allows to obtain considerable cost and work savings, allowing retention of the original thicknesses of single soil layers. The separation function, in combination with filtration function, allows to prevent migration of fine soil particles from foundation to granular layer (main embankment body).
funzione filtrazione geosintetici edilfloor


Edilfloor geosynthetics may have, among their main functions, the one to act as a natural filter, allowing the water to move freely through the soil, but while preventing the migration of fine particles. Geodren geotextiles are used as filter for fine particles retaining. Main applications are: outside of drainage layers, on road or railway embankments; outside of drainage pipes, to allow long lasting performance; in drainage geocomposites as NewDrain and SintexDrain, to prevent core drainage clogging, in case of high working pressure too. Geodren geotextiles with filter function are also used below the "rip-rap" and other coating materials in coastal protection systems or river banks.
funzione protezione geosintetici edilfloor


Edilfloor geosynthetics may have, among their main functions, the one to protect geomembrane or lining product in general. Geodren nonwoven geotextiles are able to protect waterproofing products and they are widely used on landfills, tunnel constructions, dams, basins and on roofing application on civil and commercial buildings.
funzione geosintetici rinforzo


Geosynthetic acts as a reinforcing element in combination with soil to produce a geotechnical system having better mechanical properties, strength and deformability, in comparison to unreinforced soil. For example, woven geotextiles (Geodren W-PP or Geodren W-PES) and geogrids (Edilgrid) are used to transfer tensile strength to soil, to realize vertical or almost vertical slopes (retaining wall structures). Reinforcement geosynthetics enable to build embankments on soft soils and their banks steeper than would be possible with unreinforced soil. Geosynthetics (Edilgrid or Edilgrid Comp) are used to build engineering works in karst areas or even on top of landfill capping. For the latter application geosynthetics are used to absorb tensile forces on banks, on waterproofing or capping packages
funzione drenaggio geosintetici edilfloor


Edilfloor geosynthetics may have, among their main functions, the one to drain fluids on their thickness especially when installed in less permeable soils. Geodren nonwoven geotextiles are used to decrease interstitial pressure on embankments foundations. NewDrain and SintexDrain geocomposites, are especially designed to drain high water flows and they are used in embankments foundations for drainage, drainage trenches, drainage systems on slopes, drainage on the back of retaining walls structure or concrete walls.
funzione barriera geosintetici edilfloor


Geosynthetic act as a relatively waterproofing barrier to fluids or gases. For example, geomembranes, geocomposite geotextiles with thin film, geosynthetic clay liners (SintexLine GCL) are used as fluid barrier to prevent fluid or gas flow. This function is used between asphalt layers, construction of dams, reservoirs, tunnels and landfills.
funzione distensione geosintetici edilfloor

Stress relief

Geosynthetic acts as a stress relief element of the bituminous paving, thanks to the interaction between geocomposite (GlassComp) and the different asphalt layers, the infrastructure service life can be increased avoiding cracks or deformation propagation. This specific function is exclusively used in bituminous roads or structures, rehabilitation works and new constructions.
funzione controllo erosione geosintetici edilfloor

Erosion control

Geosynthetic acts to reduce soil erosion caused by meteoric precipitation and surface run-off. There are geosynthetics made of natural materials like jute, straw or coconut (natural biomats) used as temporary erosion control layer, on the opposite there are permanent mats (synthetic geomats) made of plastic material (usually PP or PE). Both are used for slopes or embankments erosion protection.